Day 8: The day I destroyed a book & discovered the theme of my 366 day project.

Day 8 assignment was: “Transform an old book into something new by cutting, folding, gluing and so on.”

Now at first I was slightly horrified. Destroy a book?  Impossible!!

But then I thought about this book on Degas I had rescued from my grandma’s house in August when it was about to be donated.


I could not get a photo of this without me in the photo... :/

It was filled with many of Degas’ great paintings and I thought it would cool to use these prints as part of an art project. So I kept the book, waiting for the right time to rip into it.

Today was that day.  It was weird at first, cutting into a book, but after a while it became a lot of fun. I ended up saving most of paintings found in the book, only leaving those I  didn’t like as much. I even ended up reading more of the book than expected as well.

The book was torn apart in half.

Once I cut out everything I wanted I had to decide what I wanted my project of the day to be.

all the clips

I ended up making a college out of 1 1/2 paintings



This is my thought process for this piece. The woman is trapped in a box, the box called “her life right now.” Outside of it, there’s a lot brighter/ more interesting world that isn’t exactly perfect. Will she ever break free of  her life right now and explore a world that offers much more potential for her?


I am probably going to finish this piece by mounting it to blank paper so I can write a letter on the back of it and send it off.

Which leads me to the theme of this 366 day project: Mail.

I love mail. I love writing letters & postcards and receiving them in turn. A lot of my projects thus far have been things revolving around mail/letters and I want to continue this pattern by making it my general project theme. I want most of my projects to be something that I can send to other people, so that it’s not something that is just going to pile up around my house. Also, I am always looking for new cards to send to people, so now I can just make my own.