G to the D

This weekend I am going to a G-Dragon concert!

For those unfamiliar with Korean Pop stars, G-Dragon is the bomb! He is one of the most recognized artists in Korea with the exception of PSY.

To me G-Dragon is like the male Korean version of Lady Gaga. He is so utterly strange and yet so fabulous.

He is part of the K-POP group Big Bang, but lately he is doing some solo songs. Despite the fact I only understand a little Korean, I find his songs to be super catchy just like Lady Gaga’s songs.

This is probably because the main chorus of his songs are in English:
“Yes sir, I’m one of a kind” ”
“Get your cray on! Get your cray on!”

I have told some of my ┬ástudents that I am going to see him and their typical response( from the girl’s at least) is: “”**GASP** ┬áLET’S GO TOGETHER!!”

I think it’s gonna be an epic concert!

I leave you with my favorite song by G-D and also my #1 song to sing in the norebang (Karaoke room): CRAYON