Day 34: Paper Clip Man

Day 34’s assignment: “Work with wire. Thin-gauge wire can easily be bent by hand, so no special tools are required. You don’t even have to buy wire if you have some paper clips handy.” 

What I learned today was that bending paperclips is a little bit harder than I remembered/expected it to be. I had no idea what I was making today and so turned to google to solve my problems. Saw this really cute paperclip dragonfly on flickr and wondered if I could make it.


from Flickr by Annadriel

Definitely not. I think I would need a bigger paperclip for this, although the paper clip I was using was a lot bigger than average.

I ended up shaping the paperclip into a form of a man; totally random luck this worked out the way it did.



All because of the Dragonfly! Took this photo with my paperclip lying across my laptop screen.

Part 2 of project: 

The next day I decided since Valentine’s day was fast approaching and I still needed to mail off cards to friends, that  I should make a Paper Clip Girl and have her kiss my Paper clip man….Subsequent attempts to repeat my earlier stroke of genius did not pan out. :/

Instead, I mailed off my Valentine’s postcards all by themselves. I will attempt to make part two of this project work at a later date if I have time!