Checking you out!

My Writing Fiction Course recommends that if you aren’t already doing so, have a writing journal where you compile notes and observations about people and your surroundings.

I have been doing this in a diary form for a long time.


My friends could also tell you that I’m always taking a screen-shot of funny things they text or ¬†writing hilarious things they said down.

I’m much more of a dialogue person that anything else. When I read or watch a movie, I focus mostly on dialogue and story. If it’s not good, I don’t enjoy it.

What this means for my writing though, is that it’s harder for me to give the reader enough detail to imagine the situation. Everyone always tells me MORE DETAIL!

Something I need to focus on is writing more about smells, appearance, and touch. It’s not just the words, but also how people convey these words that is important.

Recently my friend was talking to me about the fact her faces twitches when she is nervous. She says she sees it on her students’ faces too when they have to talk to her in English.

Really?? I’ve never noticed that, I told her.

This much twitching I would notice for sure

This much twitching I would notice for sure

I normally hear it more it their voices, maybe see the panic in the eyes or feel it after I high five their sweaty palm for talking to me.

But facial twitching… interesting!

One of the reasons I really enjoy BBC Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch is that his power of observation are amazing. I wish my observational skills were that good! But I suppose, it will only improve with practice.

So now I’m off! Going to sit in a public place and people watch.