Conclusion: Freedom’s 30 Minute Radio

I feel that my previous post and Aliyah’s post about our radio show covered a good deal about our project, but I just wanted to do a few wrap up points:

1) Audio projects are very much solitary work.

  • Obviously we recorded the voices together and discussed what kind of sound effects to use. But then when it came down to it, we each took an equal amount of audio and spent hours on it ALONE, constantly listening to the same clips of audio over and over again until we got it to sound perfect.
  • Part of why I like the Daily Shoot assignments so much is that I can use my friends in them. This way, not only am I creating awesome art, but I get to hang out with my friends in the meantime. With Audacity, I turned into a little hermit hiding out in my bathroom because it was the quietest place in my apartment. I don’t really enjoy turning into a total hermit. It’s just not healthy.  O.o

2) Aliyah is a kickass partner!

  • Seriously, this girl was always ready to work on the assignment and do what it took to get it to be as awesome as it is. She has a very relaxed and calm personality, so even during the stressful times she was like “We can get our stuff done!” I can see how this project would have been a total pain in the ass if you had a crappy partner/ group, so I feel lucky  that we ended up together. 😀

3) Audio projects are super intense

  • More power to the people who do audio things for a living. It is crazy intense and I know that in the long run I wouldn’t have the patience or ear to stick with it.  Major Props to all the people who do the sound mixing on TV shows and movies, like these people who won Oscars for their work.

Overall, a really great experience, but you would have to pay me a lot of money to do this again!

And now my radio show for those of you too lazy to click to Aliyah’s blog post: