Short Character Sketch-Revamped!

The next assignment was to revamp the character sketch I did yesterday.

I hate re-editing, as do most people. But here I go:

She is sitting in front of the mirror,currently  filling in her eyebrows for a more dramatic look. She had told me “I only need 15 minutes to get ready” but that was  half-an-hour ago. I haven’t bothered to get out of bed yet. I only need a few minutes to get ready, throw on a new t-shirt and I am good to go.  She’s listening to Youtube videos on her phone, this time Judge Judy. She likes how Judge Judy doesn’t take crap from no one. Plus, as she points out, she’s learning  a lot about the legal system.   I roll my eyes, but that doesn’t stop me from listening to it too while I play Anipang on my phone.


I decided to try 1st person narration to give a bit more insight into a narrator. Similar elements of information as before, but a lot less descriptors and so called “purple” language as my friend Erica pointed out.