Day 19: Row Row Row Your Boat

Day 19’s assignment: “Create something that float on water (It doesn’t have to be a boat.)”

After deciding I couldn’t think of anything that floated on water beside a boat, I decided to once again brush up on my origami skills.

Too bad I could only remember the kid version of the song where Barney is thrown overboard, rather than the actual lyrics…

After teasing my dog Bentley about it (he really wanted to play with it), we headed off to the creek by my house.

Poor B will never have the boat to play with.

Ready for takeoff

The boat trip lasted about 5 seconds. 2 seconds after the launch, the boat hit a branch and filled with water. It managed to float a little bit more downstream before completely filling with water and sinking.

Bye Bye Boat

Next time I will try to construct my boat out of something more sturdy than paper.