Day 224: Creepybear is waiting…

This is the story of Creepy Bear.

Once upon a time my friends Megan and Karen traveled to Kissimmee, Florida to play rugby.

Along the way they encountered a mystical claw machine. After several attempts Megan was successful in winning a light blue bear, dubbed “Creepy Bear” because of its blue body and mismatching furry & pink belly.

Megan was not quite sure she wanted to keep the so called Creepy Bear so he was passed around to the ruggers on the trip, who also thought the bear was scary!

And so the Creepy Bear game was created: Hide the creepy bear from someone (in their bag or in their apartment) in hopes that the person receiving the creepy bear does not find him and thus has to keep him until they get a chance to pass him on.

This game has gone on for two years now.

In this case, Karen hid Creepy Bear in Megan’s bag at the hotel. In the morning Megan opened her bag to discover Creepy Bear was waiting for her. Ahhh!

Thanks to Megan who made this awesomely creepy gif using the photos I took!