Day 42: Why do I trust Merry Maids? (an advertisement)

Day 42’s assigment was: “Turns today’s junk mail into something much more appealing.”

But Day 42 was a Saturday and we didn’t get any good junk mail. I waited a few days for the junk mail to roll in and as I also thought of what I could do for this assignment. Inspiration struck when I was talking with my friend Elena.

Elena suggested I take an ad and transform it into something funny/ make a parody of it. I searched through the junk mail and came across a envelope full of value coupons. One of the coupons inside was an advertisement for a cleaning company.


The picture of the woman looking slightly suicidal seems at odds with the 5  simple reasons why she should love Molly Maid. Elena suggested we change the reasons why to choose this company making it more about oppressing illegal immigrants, rather than the amazing cleaning service you get from this company.

I used Pixlr to make the final image today: