Respect is Validity

Me, Myself, I

I really can’t pick my favorite work that I’ve done so far because I like all the work I’ve posted for other people to see.

However, I’ve been getting a lot of great feedback for my Superhero, not quite valentine valentines, which has been awesome! They’ve turned out to be more of a smash hit than I expected:

I like them because they were fun to make and they make me smile every time I see them. I also love how collaborative the process was: I first got the idea for this because Tim Owens posted about these valentine’s on his blog. Then when  I needed to come up with clever lines for these I asked my roommates to help me. So was this created 100% me? The answer is equally no as it is yes.

Most of the work that I end up do creating is a response to someone else’s work or idea, or in the event I am actually original, it’s often helped along by a friend (like today when Megan helped me out with my daily shoot). I am really lucky to be surrounded by such creative influences, both online and in real life. For this I thank you.  ^_^

Also, thanks to everyone who has featured my work, it makes me feel really special/ talented. It reminds me a lot about this artist statement by Tess Buccigrosso who is currently displaying her work in the senior art show in the UMW Gallery right now (if you live in Fred, check it out before it’s taken down!)

Oh and I really like my icon. But again, I got the person from and just added the hair which was part of a brush set created by someone else. So maybe not that original?

Like Duh

You are my fave ;)

When I found out I had to do a write up of the favorite things I’ve seen from #ds106 the past six weeks, I was stumped.

I’ve seen so many really awesome photos, gifs, videos, blog posts, posters, etc. from most everyone in class so to pick my top few is really hard.  Especially since I’ve seen a lot of really good blog posts about what people liked which has shown me more things to like. 😀

So below is just a scant list of people who have created things that has impressed me/ made me jealous and/or laugh and smile (if you aren’t are on here and I haven’t commented on your stuff before, give me a shoutout because I want to see your awesome work!)

Megan Mc! This girl is on fya with getting assignments done for #ds106.  She’s actually my “pseudo-rival” for the class in terms of getting stuff done. The nerd valentine’s she’s done makes me laugh, especially this one:

You are the one

and I really love this Big Caption by her:


Erin has also been blogging a lot and creating some really good memorable stuff, like her story about the traumatizing effects of a swarm of mosquitoes. I also think it’s awesome she started a story for others to add on too, great group collaboration!

I really love Andrew’s introduction story about his favorite color (follow the masses!) and also think that he created a really cool DS106 Trailer song.

Colleen created one of the best Big Captions ever when she used this photo:

Kiiiilll youuuu

Be scared

Jordan made me laugh with her fruit mobile glog and her Big Captions too, like this one:

Get out!!


I really like Tom Woodward’s Stranger Portrait series because it takes a lot of guts to ask a stranger if you can take a photo of them:

Tim Owen’s old school book cover for Harry Potter is pretty legit too:

Finally, to end my post I would like to say how awesome it was for  Noise Professor  to create this picture; Makes me laugh out loud every time I see it!

Peace my child