I think I take cool photos and then I see this:

Today I was snooping around on Pinterest (which has a lot of great photos) and discovered this photo:

copyright Elena Kalis

I love how ethereal the water makes her look. It’s such a striking photo too, with a contrast between the colors of her outfit, the bird and the water. I decided to look up the website of the photographer, Elena Kalis, to see what other photos she has.

I was blown away by the gorgeousness of her photos. She has a remarkable eye for photography, in addition to having great models and gorgeous outfits. It also helps she’s located in the Bahamas! (Envious!)

Here are my four favorite photos from her site, although this was a difficult decision as ALL of her photos are so beautiful!

If things go wrong, don’t go with them.

Fair Ladies II


Alice in Waterland

Now that I’ve seen Kalis’ photos, I am really lusting after an underwater camera. I’ve played around with a good underwater camera once before, but I would love to actually OWN one so that I could do photoshoots like Kalis! Although instead of shooting in the Bahamas, I would definitely re-locate to Australia to take photos! 🙂


One Day... ** sigh**