Day 40: Ojo de Dios

Day 40: “What can you do with yarn? You don’t have to know how to knit or crochet; you can try yarn painting or just experiment.”

What can I do with yarn? Nothing! Ahh!!  

These were my thought yesterday as I lay in a creative slump. I was behind on a few of my Creativity Journal projects which was not good. Luckily Megan Mc is a totally awesome person! She suggested I make a “God’s eye” or “Ojo de Dios” out of yarn. I had no idea what that was so I googled it.

Turns out “Ojo de Dios” is made out of  brightly colored yarn on a frame of crossed sticks. They are made by the Huichol Indians of Mexico and the Aymara Indians of Bolivia. These are placed on an altar so that the gods can watch over their people and protect them.

It seemed like it would be easy and fun to make, so using the directions from the website above I got to work.

Luckily my family is a craft family so I had all the necessary materials at hand.

The result:

I definitely want to make more of these when I have the time. Also, the instructions suggest adding little bells on to each end, so that it something I will add to this one next time I make it to a craft store.

Day 22: Building a bridge across the continents!

Day 22’s assignment was: “Create a bridge. Connect two things in a creative way. It could be small enough for an amoeba or big enough for an elephant to cross.”

Thinking of what to do for this assignment was really tricky for me. It wasn’t until late at night when I was talking with my friend Aitak that inspiration struck.

I wish that  there was such a thing as bridges across all the continents (actually rather have instant teleportation, but that doesn’t help with today assignment).Since this isn’t going to happen, I thought I might as well represent my friendships with people across the globe by using a giant world map and then building bridges out of yarn between where I live and where they live.

I used three colors to signify how long I’ve been friends with them

White- Many years

Blue- 2 years

Light Purple- one year or less

This is one of those assignments you’d be better off seeing in person since the scale isn’t quite captured in a photo.

If I had more time I would have made  the bridges/connections between my friends, i.e. which friends know my other friends, but I will save that for another project.