Ready to Fly

I have about 2 1/2 hours left before I need to be at the LAX airport before my flight to NZ leaves around 11:30pm. I can’t believe that my time in LA is already up and I am about to hop a plane to the other side of the world.

Yesterday was the first gorgeous day since I arrived, so I made the most of it by catching brunch with a family friend, then walking along the marina before hanging out on the marina beach for an hour and a half.  

After that my cousin took me to Abalone Beach, which is a beach that has a lot of tide pools. Unfortunately it was high tide when we went, so no tide pools, but seeing the giant waves was very cool. I did managed to find a starfish andsome sea urchins so the trip wasn’t just about the waves. We stayed to watch a beautiful sunset, though next timhen we are going to check if the tide is coming in or out.

Sunset @ Abalone Cove

Sunset @ Abalone Cove

When we got home, we went out to the Cheesecake Factory with my cousin’s roommate. I was suprised to find that they have valet parking for it, along with many other restaurants along the marina. The food was delicious and we came home soon afterward and hung out for a bit before we went to sleep.

Today was another sunny day and I got lunch with my cousin and another family friend on Abbot Kinney street, which is a bohemian street that has a lot of interesting shops in downtown Venice Beach that. After lunch, we came back to my cousin’s apartment and packed my bags in preparation of the flight. Now I only have a few more things to throw in my backpack before I am ready to go.

I am definitely not looking forward to the 14 hour flight. Luckily, I changed my seat so that instead of a window seat I have an aisle seat and will be able to get up an stretch my legs whenever I want (unless the “fasten seatbelt” sign is on). I hate having a window seat when you are sitting next to strangers because then I feel like it’s a hassle for them when I ask them to get up and move.

I wish that one of my family members or friends could have come to NZ with me, but I know that I should make a fair amount of friends on the tour group I am going with.

Next time I write, I will be either 14hours (NZ) or 16 (hours) ahead of everyone on east coast time!

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