Day 38: Iced Troll

Day 38’s assignment was “Work underwater. Fill up a large bowl, vase, or old fish tank with water and create something inside it.”

I’m wary of working with water ever since I drowned my camera during one of these 366 creativity project a month ago. Since it was freezing today I decided to reflect this in my project by making something that I actually would freeze.

I put a troll into a bucket of water and set it outside. I had this image that my project would be reminiscent on Han Solo frozen in carbonite.

 During the night the wind moved my troll around and the morning sun/ warmer temperature’s melted some of the ice. The result wasn’t exactly what I was expecting, but it is interesting. I think might redo this project another day, just so I could get better pictures/ more pictures of what I wanted.  Also, a problem with using trolls is that they always have a smile on their face; Winter sucks! The troll should be frowning!!






Written by Cali4beach