Day 34: Paper Clip Man

Day 34’s assignment: “Work with wire. Thin-gauge wire can easily be bent by hand, so no special tools are required. You don’t even have to buy wire if you have some paper clips handy.” 

What I learned today was that bending paperclips is a little bit harder than I remembered/expected it to be. I had no idea what I was making today and so turned to google to solve my problems. Saw this really cute paperclip dragonfly on flickr and wondered if I could make it.


from Flickr by Annadriel

Definitely not. I think I would need a bigger paperclip for this, although the paper clip I was using was a lot bigger than average.

I ended up shaping the paperclip into a form of a man; totally random luck this worked out the way it did.



All because of the Dragonfly! Took this photo with my paperclip lying across my laptop screen.

Part 2 of project: 

The next day I decided since Valentine’s day was fast approaching and I still needed to mail off cards to friends, that  I should make a Paper Clip Girl and have her kiss my Paper clip man….Subsequent attempts to repeat my earlier stroke of genius did not pan out. :/

Instead, I mailed off my Valentine’s postcards all by themselves. I will attempt to make part two of this project work at a later date if I have time!

Day 33: Pens as Inspiration

Day 33’s assignment: “Use pen your materials/inspiration today. Draw with them, use them as construction material… or? ”

I was at a friend’s apartment recently and saw this amazing tapestry they had hanging on their wall:

Colors are much more vivid in real life.

I found out you can get it at Amazon which means I am totally going to buy it  one day.

I decided that I wanted to use this as my inspiration for today’s challenge.  I started drawing with a black pen on a white sheet of paper and ended up with this.

I like the extreme contrast between the black and the white, but I am also tempted to color the skull in with crazy colors. If I did that I would probably also fill in the white space outside of the skull with crazy lines and colors too. We shall see…


Day 31: Scavenger Hunt

Day 31’s assignment was “Make a path for people to follow and invite people to try it out”.

This to me translated into make a scavenger hunt! I decided to make it for my dad to cheer him up since he was sick with a cold.

I left the first clue on the kitchen table and let him go from there.

Clue #1: The most famous escape artist of his time. Can you find him in the collection Wikipedia has replaced?

The answer is Houdini and my dad needed to look for him in one of the books in our  encyclopedia collection

Clue # 2: Laast uns trinken! Prost!

When translated from German: “Let’s us drink!  Cheers!” This references an antique German beer stein we have on display in the living room.

Clue #3 Mama Sophia is everywhere in the house but there is only one photo of her in a short/hippie dress.

My Dad had to go downstairs to his office and look behind the photo of my mom during her hippie years.

Clue #4Not quite a rubber ducky, but close enough.

Reference to an Orca Whale  toy I have decorating my bathroom. (It was part of a Barbie set  I got as a kid where Barbie was a Trainer at Sea World)

Clue #5: Lost Dog- 3 legged, blind in one eye, missing left ear, broken tail. Answers to Lucky. Find the swag you have for this!

In New Hampshire there is a bar/restaurant called the Lucky Dog Grill which my Dad has a hat from. He had to find the hat which had the clue was tucked inside.

Clue #6: The house is on fire and we are trapped inside! Or are we?

Reference to the second floor where we have an emergency escape ladder in the hallway just in case.

Clue #7: This fairy gives 25 cents for each one you lose. Where would Mama Sophia put hers?

Dad had to look under a pillow my Mom uses, which in this case would be under the pillows on the daybed in my mom’s office.

Clue #8: Not the same one I broke juggling it home from the store but very similar! Oink, Oink!

Reference to a piggy bank in my room. The clue was taped to the bottom of it.   (The first piggy bank I ever had my Dad bought it for me. I broke its ears off carrying it home because I swinging the bag around. We had to go back to the store and have it replaced the same day.)

Clue #9: What mom likes to play at a deafening volume. “Lou, Lou ____ to my Lou”

My mom likes to play her player piano in the living room at extremely loud volumes. My dad had to look in the piano bench and find the music book that had the song “Skip to my Lou.”

Clue #10: “Bless her beautiful hide, wherever she may be!”

Reference to an old family favorite movie, “7 Brides for 7 brothers.” He had to find the movie located among many movies in a giant bookshelf.


Clue #11: It’s the youngest but the oldest out of 6. Look up high.

Reference to my mom’s “new” used car which makes car #6 for our family of five. He had to look in the visor for the next clue.

ghetto fabulous

Clue #12: The end of the game! Leading you to the most important treasure of all. What I was going to throw out in NH before you rescued it.

Reference to a little chalkboard I was going to throw out while cleaning the kid’s game room at my grandma’s house. My Dad decided he could use it and saved it. It was currently sitting in the living room, leading him back to the same room where the hunt began.

I love you padre! ps. I owe you a reeses.