Day 33: Pens as Inspiration

Day 33’s assignment: “Use pen your materials/inspiration today. Draw with them, use them as construction material… or? ”

I was at a friend’s apartment recently and saw this amazing tapestry they had hanging on their wall:

Colors are much more vivid in real life.

I found out you can get it at Amazon which means I am totally going to buy it  one day.

I decided that I wanted to use this as my inspiration for today’s challenge.  I started drawing with a black pen on a white sheet of paper and ended up with this.

I like the extreme contrast between the black and the white, but I am also tempted to color the skull in with crazy colors. If I did that I would probably also fill in the white space outside of the skull with crazy lines and colors too. We shall see…


Day 18: Crafting a Skull

Day 18’s assignment:  “Work with the things you find in your (or a friend’s car if you don’t have one).”

Luckily today I ended up waiting in the car for a while before a doctor’s appointment. After rooting around for a bit I managed to find an unused dog bag.


I played around with various ideas then  decided to put a water bottle inside to give it a shape. I finished it off by using a pen to make some eye sockets.

The finished product: