Day 97: Bentley cordially invites you

Day 97’s assignment was “Make an invitation to an everyday event you wouldn’t normally invite people to. Bonus: Actually send them out.”

for Charlotte

To make this I did a two step process. First I went into Pixlr and created a simple blank template which I then colored blue. Following this I went to Pixlr express and added the background and the white border. Then I crossed back into normal Pixlr and added the text and the photo (taken after a hike up a mountain when Mr. B was cooling himself off in a little puddle of rainwater).

Day 18: Crafting a Skull

Day 18’s assignment:¬†¬†“Work with the things you find in your (or a friend’s car if you don’t have one).”

Luckily today I ended up waiting in the car for a while before a doctor’s appointment. After rooting around for a bit I managed to find an unused dog bag.


I played around with various ideas then  decided to put a water bottle inside to give it a shape. I finished it off by using a pen to make some eye sockets.

The finished product: