Day 33: Pens as Inspiration

Day 33’s assignment: “Use pen your materials/inspiration today. Draw with them, use them as construction material… or? ”

I was at a friend’s apartment recently and saw this amazing tapestry they had hanging on their wall:

Colors are much more vivid in real life.

I found out you can get it at Amazon which means I am totally going to buy it  one day.

I decided that I wanted to use this as my inspiration for today’s challenge.  I started drawing with a black pen on a white sheet of paper and ended up with this.

I like the extreme contrast between the black and the white, but I am also tempted to color the skull in with crazy colors. If I did that I would probably also fill in the white space outside of the skull with crazy lines and colors too. We shall see…



Day 20’s assignment: “Buy or make some clay (see instructions on page 238) and then use it like you never have before.”

I decided that it would be easier to buy clay in an assortment of colors rather than make it on my own. After work I made a trip out to Michael’s and bought a rainbow pack.

Now what to sculpt?

I was inspired by my friend Kayla who has a penchant for mushrooms and various other plant life. From there it developed into “I’m gonna make this into something out of Alice in Wonderland from the scene where the caterpillar is talking with Alice.”


I only made a few pieces since it was getting late: 3 mushrooms plus the mushroom with the caterpillar (constructed with the help of Sibling1). Then to take photos of my creations I used an 2011 Australian calendar as the background in the attempt to make it look a little trippy.** The top scene is a picture of the Great Barrier Reef and the bottom scene is one of the Australian coast.

Lost one of his arms in an accident 🙁


I think for a future project I am going to make a trippy diorama to display everything I made today.

*Speaking of Australia, I just imported my blogs from my UMW blog Barrier Reef Brief to here. Check, Check, Check it out!