Day 85: The Hunger Games

Day 85’s assignment was “”Work with words. Make an image with just words or letters. You can cut them from magazines, draw them yourself, or print out words on a computer to work with.”

I already posted Day 85’s assignment on Flickr but I decided to blog about it because of the cool image I found while searching for inspiration.

I love this poster that someone made for the Hunger Games (kudos to the original author who I couldn’t find; I found this on Tumblr) I would totally buy a print of this in poster size in a heartbeat.

So for this day’s assignment I decided to do something similar. First I went back and re-read the Hunger Games books and marked the passages that I liked. Then I used a template of the mockingjay pin and used it as a outline. I kind of wish I did this in pen instead of colored pencil because it would be easier to read/ have a cleaner look overall.

I am planning to write a letter on the back of this and then mail it off to my friend who is also obsessed with the Hunger Games

Written by Cali4beach