Day 43: First attempt at Gif Making!

Day 43’s assignment was: “Learn something new. Ask a friend to help you do something using a technique or skill they’re good at.”

Time to make my first gif! I turned to the #DS106 tutorial and downloaded a few programs (like Gimp) to make it work. I also asked Megan Mc to help since she is “The Emeril of Gif-making.”

She had a few suggestions for me about making this and while I am happy it wasn’t as hard as I thought ( definitely time consuming tho) I don’t understand why the quality is so terrible. All the images were fine pre-giffing and now it’s so blurry… >.<

Megan and I messed with the gif and tried to see if we could solve the problem, but no dice. Anyone out there have a suggestion on how to fix the quality?