Combining 3 assignments into 1!

Since I have such a crazy final exam schedule, I’ve decided to combine 3 assignments in one!

Thus, I give you part of my post card final project, with the cover of the post card inspired by my love for ds106 (fandom, holla) and the back of the postcard containing my letter to future #ds106sers.








Creation process:

I knew as soon as we got the fandom assignment I wanted to make some kind of homage to ds106. Then I decided to make a postcard for it because my postcard final project has been sadly neglected for quite a while.

Originally I was doing a lot of work in photoshop to make the collage of all my photos, but I was having some issues making it turn out exactly like I wanted it.

I made the collage in photoshop, then added the border and #ds106 is for life in picnick. Then it was back to photoshop where I added the barbed wire look, the red Xs and the red heart (all of those additions were created using photoshop brushes I downloaded a long time ago).

The back of the postcard I had to make short and to the point. I could have said a lot more, but you work with what you can do. The back was created using photoshop.

Now to slay my two finals before our #ds106 final tomorrow (or is it today since its almost 1am??)

Written by Cali4beach

  1. This is brilliant, you have been an insane creative force leading the way all semester, and I am not surprised you finished your awesomeness with a bang. Sarah Kountz let me say it here loud and proud: you are a force of nature, and amazing member of the dsa106 community, and last and most importantly an artist of the highest caliber. I think everyone, myself included, has taken for granted just how much you have brought to ds106 in terms of amazing models of creativity, encouragement on all the dds106 posts near and far, as well as downright awesome. You need to be saluted, and believe you me, the bava is up to it because the bava never forgets!

    You rock!

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